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Spring Season

The Calgary Recreational Dodgeball Association Spring Season starts in May. Cost is $350 per team. If you haven't registered... CLICK HERE!

Quick Standings


  1. Great Balls of Fire
  2. Its A Trap!
  3. Dodgy Tossers

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  1. League Champs
  2. Wrecktangular Sharks
  3. Dodger Moores

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Wed Div 1

  1. Destroyers
  2. Havoc
  3. Havoc K

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Wed Div 2

  1. Strikers
  2. Dodgy Tossers
  3. Dont Stop Ball-ieving

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Tip of the Week

Don't always try to take strong players out first. This just means they're the first one back on the court after a catch is made.

What's News

Hey Dodgeball Fans,

With the Winter season wrapping up this month, don't forget to sign up for the spring season. Its a shortened 8 weeks season, going May and June on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. It should be a fantastic season!

Happy Dodging!

April 09, 2017

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